Speculation over Nokia

As a minor Nokia share holder I have been following very confused about comments in media. There seems to be few common factors in this debate. Firstly all commentators seem to be young professionals in information technology or analysts. It also seems to me that no one of them has not really interested in needs of large segments of Nokia customers and device users. These speculators are only very subjectively expressing their own and very very narrow technical opinions and to hell with consumers’ opinions.

First of all, I don’t think that any company providing a phone to their employees, want them to play games with their phones, surf in the Internet, watch TV, watch videos etc. All these things will consume employees’ effective working time and down grade their effectiveness. Or am I wrong? In most cases, if needed, company i.e. provider of the phone, will have to block all these features. That is what I would do and recommend. All what travelling salesman and middle level managers need for their phones are map, SMS, e-mail, camera and in some cases word processor and spreadsheet computation. These of course added to phoning facilities. High ranked directors will not be able to use all excess facilities anyway – because they can not.

On the other point of view, smart phone users are only a minority segment on the market and it seems to play too big a role in Nokia’s image. This is the only reasonable conclusion of current conversation all over the media. The analysts have completely forgotten the Asian users, who exceed manifold the smart phone users. All though the profits are better in smart phones, the money is coming by bulk phones. And it will be so for many years to come. There is also one big shortcoming in the conversation over Smartphone’s. It is very much one sided. Analysts have completely forgotten that in the target areas where purchasing power is the highest, potential buyers are ageing. I ask these analysts: are these consumers’ needs the same what for these analysts are now screaming for? I bet not!  

Because the software designers are all very young as the directors of the big companies, it is only natural that they have forgotten this ever so fast growing target group of very potential buyers. However, one can, with good reason, ask if that is good business? I only have 40 years experience in international marketing but this is my honest opinion. Having said that, I expose myself of belonging to the latter group. I must also confess that I have used Communicator as long as it has existed. I am also considering of buying the new E7-00.

When it comes to current hubbub over Nokia, I think that Nokia’s and Microsoft’s information came out too soon and it was too hazy to give us something real concrete. I understand very well that Mr Elop drifted very badly between the dark blue sea and the hard place. Since his appointment he had said nothing relevant. Expectations were growing particularly around the annual report time. These two companies were got by their trouser down, which caused particularly to Nokia the loss of company’s value of 5-6 billion. However, my advice is not to sell Nokia now. Hold on, the day will come. Nokia has assets dig out also of this hole.

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