European Election

In Britain, the European Parliament elections will be a very special situation. After the extension of Brexit, there has been silence about Brexit. There will then be elections of new Parliament members where dozens or hundreds of candidates will travel around the country to obtain voices to become selected meps.

It is their duty to talk to Brexit very vigorously. How do the government and Prime Minister May respond to this? Will they be in front of a completely impossible situation. If the turnout is very high, it should tell that that the whole Brexit has to be canceled. The thing is that when the people are revealed that they have been cheated, the people can change their minds.

Conservatives only have now terrible fear of how to give up. Ministers have left government so that the doors do not stay on their hinges. In Britain, not only does the prime minister’s exchange no longer help, nor does it seem to help the differences within parliament. The new referendum on Brexit is scary, but even more frightening would be new elections.

If Brexit will really take place, the conservative funding base will in great danger. The business world is opposed to Brexit in a rather monotonous way, why finance conservative in next election? As I have already said on many occasions, the Irish DUP does not accept the return of the hard boundary between Ireland. Back Stop is nothing but junk. There is either a hard border or no! There are no technical methods to soften the transnational border.

I look forward with excitement that ITV will make Britain a reality show on the EU election

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